Help for conveners

Quick start guide

A one page guide to how to get started.

User manual - for conveners

Contains a detailed guide to;
  1. Getting started
  2. Creating a grant round
  3. Managing a grant round
  4. My applications tab
  5. Your emails tab

Video tutorials - for conveners

Below are two sets of video tutorials that cover the basics around creating and managing a grant round.
Playlist - Creating a grant round
  1. Navigating the grant rounds page
  2. Step 1 - Grant details
  3. Step 2 - Review and add questions
  4. Step 3 - Administration
  5. Review grant round
Playlist - Managing a grant round
  1. View applications
  2. Review, approve and fund applications
  3. View applications - My applications page
  4. Email templates

Creating a grant round

Managing a grant round

Other useful resources and documents

Please find below a range of resources related to ClubGRANTS Online.

  1. Guidelines
  2. Standard Funding Report Form - Grants Up to & Including $7,500
  3. Standard Funding Report Form - Grants Over $7,500
  4. Letter of Offer Agreement, Contract Form - $7,500 and above Download PDF |Download Word Document
  5. Acquittal / Progress Report
  6. Statutory Declaration
  7. Category 1 Project Examples
  8. Category 3 Infrastructure Grants

Technical enquiries

For all technical enquiries relating to the ClubGRANTS Online website, please contact our support team by email or phone.