Successful applicants are required to submit a closing report to the funding club upon completion of the project. Applicants should note that clubs and local committees will not consider further funding requests unless a report has been received. 

Reporting requirements are as follows: 

Up to $500


Receipt only

Up to $500


Letter of acknowledgment from recipient.

$500 - $7,500

Cash or In-Kind

Standard Funding Report Form and Statutory Declaration

Over $7,500

Standard Funding Report Form and Statutory Declaration

Over $10,000

Club and benefiting organisation must enter into a formal contract. Please click here to download the Funding Agreement.

In some cases, a funded project will be only partly underway when a recipient wants to apply for further funding for another project. In this situation, the applicant may submit a progress report form. 

If the project has been delayed, the organisation should provide information as to why it has not run to schedule. 

Recipients should also advise the funding club of any changes in circumstances, such as what the money will be spent on. Organisations must obtain the club's written approval before making any changes.